What is Swap RAM?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Maclover564, Feb 6, 2010.

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    I have the newest MacBook. Okay, someone told me once but now I forgot. They told me that if my Swap RAM got to the amount of RAM I have installed, I'm in trouble. I checked my iStat and its at 2.0GB which is the amount of RAM I have installed. What do I do?! It also sounds like somethings clicking in my computer too. Right now I'm publishing an HD movie, and the fans are at 3292RPM. Help!
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    Swap RAM is the process of contents of the RAM being swapped (in other words "written") to the internal HDD, because there is not enough RAM for the new current process to be stored to.

    Please check again your actual Swap RAM size via Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor, then select the System Memory tab at the bottom of the window and look for Swap used: .
    I currently have 4GB installed and my Swap is 95MB and have eleven applications open, sometimes even up to 20-25.

    The fans are starting to spin to cool off the CPU as it gets hotter during intensive use as it draws more power (Watt).
    If you publishing a movie the CPU is used to process all the data.
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    It should be assigned dynamically based upon application usage. For example, I have 2 applications running right now and am using 8.8Mb, but it will jump drastically if I open 4 or 5 applications. You should not have to mess with the function of it, since it's controlled dynamically through system process. The best thing to do is install more physically memory/RAM.

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