What is the best settings?! ( Time Capsule )

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Maclver, Apr 17, 2009.

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    Ok I have in my household 2 Macbook Pros and two PC's ( Uncle owns the PCs can't get him to switch :( ) So what is the best setting for my Time Capsule:

    I currently have:

    WP2 Personal
    802.11n 5Ghz
    Mulit-cast rate of 12Mbps
    Transmit power of 100%
    WPA Group Time out 1 hour ( what ever that means )
    Use Wide Channel

    The Reason I ask this is because I Have noticed a major slow down in my Time Capsule back-ups.. I have 300GB free of the 500GB so I know its not space and all I have on the TC is the two disk images from my computers. On any given time it will take 2 hours to back up 800Mb. I have also noticed a slow down in internet speed when both of the macbook pros are online!

    Any Advice would be great!

    Also are there any other settings I have missed?
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    May 27, 2008
    5GHz signals tend to degrade fairly quickly through walls and other obstacles, so if you've move 2 rooms away, that explain part of the slow down. Also not all walls are created equal, so depending on the construction of the house, 1 wall could kill it. also angle going through the wall can have an affect, the wall is "thicker" if you are going through at an angle as opposed to perpendicular.

    I run 2 wireless networks, 1 G and 1 N (5GHz), there were places in my old house where i could get a faster G signal, even though the N base was closer to me.

    so try moving to the same room as the base and see if that helps.

    also, one note,
    MB and Mb are not the same
    800Mb = 100MB
    1 byte (b) = 8 bits (b)

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