what is the best software for unlocking iphone?

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    May 18, 2009
    hey guys. i had to restore my iphone (its the one with the silver back so not 3g) and now i need to unlock it again. what is the best software to use? the lady at mobile solutions suggested ziphone. i would prefer to just unlock it and not jailbreak it, but i dont even know if that is an option. ive never unlocked a phone before so something that is some what easy to use, i just dont want to screw anything up. thank you.
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    I used Pwnage. It was pretty easy and I'm not that good with gadgets either. If you go to the hack forum there are stickies on unlocking and jailbreaking. Very informative.
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    You phone has to be jailbroken at first to unlock it. You should download Quickpwn, and use that to jailbreak the device. Then you can download/run bootneuter from cydia, and use that to unlock the phone. I think the unlocking might be able to be done through Quckpwn, but it can be unlocked for sure using pwnage tool. Once it is unlocked it should stay unlocked even if you do a restore (unless it is a DFU restore), because it is more a permanent unlock. :)

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