What is the best way to backup offsite?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by lindahl22, Aug 18, 2012.

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    I have a Drobo and I would like to back it up offsite. I have been using a USB Hard Drive to back it up on site, however I would like to move the Hard Drive off site. To remotely connect to it I can use a PogoPlug device or an Airport Extreme device to access it. I believe the PogoPlug device mounts the offsite hard drive using an odd format, however the PogoPlug does have software for backing up files. Using this proprietary software I believe that if choose this I am stuck with it. I feel like I would rather use something that just mirrors the drive, something as basic as rsync, which I have only heard of. I have looked at using Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper with the Hard Drive connected as an Air Disk but I believe those solutions require backing up the drive to a spare disk image on the off site drive. Any ideas on how I should accomplish this task?
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    Not for a 1TB drive. Reading around it would take years to backup due to online backup solutions throttling speed.
    Even drive seeding doesn't make it that much better if you work with big files (audio/video)

    I'm looking for a similar solution too btw
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    I have two disks that I alternate between. Every Monday morning, I disconnect the one at home and bring it to the office, where I exchange it for the one I have in my desk and I bring that one home, connect it and let it be for a week. There is no extra travelling included, I have a backup offsite, I will lose maximum one week worth of data (but not even that since I use both Dropbox and Sugarsync for my documents folders). I know others that also keep a copy in their car...

    It's a one time fee, fast backups, no internet required... You get it ;)

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