What is the best way to contact a forum moderator?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by the8thark, Jun 30, 2013.

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    I would like to know what the best way to contact a forum moderator is. I have tried to PM them but the ones I have tried to PM have accepting PM's turned off. (I can understand why this is). I just have something I would like a second opinion on from a moderator if that is possible.

    And before anyone asks, this issue can not be talked about on the forums. So what's why I ask.
    I also have tried the contact us form (Of which which the link) is at the bottom of the page. But I really need a second opinion. I fear if I use the "contact us" link I'll just send the message to the same MacRumors staff member and get the same response I have already received again.
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    If you question or issue is related to a particular post, use the Post Report button (the red triangle with the "!" in it below the user name. That will go to the Moderation Team.

    If the issue is a more general issue or problem, use the "Contact Us" form, which will go to the Administrators. The "Contact Us" is in the blue bar at the bottom of the page.

    Since you can't discuss this on the open forum, that's the best I can do as far as to which to use:D.
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    Thank you. I can try the "contact us" link again I guess. And hopefully a different staff member reads the message.

    Thank you. I read something in that link that will be very helpful.

    [edit] I have used the "contact us" link again. And hopefully the issue will be resolved.
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    A contact message is indeed the correct way to go. Sending a contact ensures that your query is sent to a place all mods and admins have access, and it makes initiating discussion and documentation much less time-consuming than with a PM message.

    Contacts are read and handled within a week or less as a general rule (on any given day there can be many contacts), so don't expect an answer faster than that.

    If the issue demands more investigation or discussion, you'll be notified that the answer will take longer.
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    Mod -> [​IMG]

    100 % assured contact. Instant results! Guaranteed. ;)

    If you want real anwers, read the other replies, thanks!
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    Maybe not the best way but the quickest way is to start a thread about moderation in this forum. :D

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