What Is the Best Way to Provide Feedback To Apple?


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Mar 31, 2010
Companies rely on feedback to perfect their products and I am certain that Apple is no different, but what is the best way to provide feedback about a product?

For example: I hope that a future update is coming for the Ipad mail function that will provide the data detectors for ical updates like I currently have on my Imac. In other words, when someone sends you a message about a meeting a 2:00 on Saturday, you should be able to tap 2:00 on saturday and have your Ipad ask you if you want to save it as an ical event... It would be great as well to have task creation integration. I use my Ipad primarily for business so these updates would be very useful to me.


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Jul 23, 2008
Thanks! Gosh I feel so foolish that I couldn't find it on the Apple Site! :eek: mea culpa
Best way is to stand up, open the front door and shout your feedback.
The end result will be exactly the same and it will save you from typing anything.