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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Scottyfrombi, Nov 17, 2007.

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    Sep 10, 2007
    Could Apple come out with a larger laptop than 17" for video editing etc.? What limits the size of the portable computer? Is it the limitation of the battery or would the screen demand too much power or is it too hard to illuminate a laptop screen over 17" and still have a thin portable unit?

    I am like many who just use my MBP at home or transport it very limited distances such as upstairs to downstairs etc. I would like a larger screen than the 17" for editing video or images etc. I currently use a 15" with a Cinema Screen because the 17" HD screen (although nice) is really just too small for 1920x1200. The 20" Cinema Screen is much better and the 23" is perfect, but obviously the limitation of having to plug the Cinema screen into a plug is a real world issue if I want to go out or move my setup.

    Is there a battery that can run a Cinema screen so that it does not have to be plugged in or a larger screen that does not require 120 volts?
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    Dec 3, 2006
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    i think i saw a picture on tinterweb of a dell 24-incher. I think apple are unlikely to make a portable bigger than 17", since if its bigger than 17" i'd hardly call it portable. An iMac is just as portable as most laptops, except it doesnt come with a battery.

    This post sent my off in to the wilderness searching for over-sized laptops.
    Heres a HP one, with a 20.1 inch screen... http://www.slashgear.com/hps-monster-media-laptop-gets-reviewed-095157.php#more-5157

    and this is huge! http://www.inc.com/news/articles/200603/laptop.html
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    Nov 26, 2003
    A 20" portable is a bit of a waste of time I think, because you can't really throw it in a rucksack or bag. It's not likely to go on many outings.

    What we will get is very high pixel densities (200-300dpi), which means the screens will look amazingly crisp and clear.

    You could for example have a full HD (1,920x1,080px) 13" MacBook Pro.

    Of course the interface would look great, because that will be res independent and scalable to your tastes.
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    iMac boxes have carry handles, don't they? :p

    Seems like Apple can't manufacture laptops above 17 inches that can fold or run off anything other than mains power...
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    this a funny thread

    learn something new every day;)
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    in a practice room or a MacBook.
    The comodore was really big... reeeeeaaaallly big :D
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    I do like moving stuff around and I did look into large 'laptops' a while back. The problem with machines like these with 20"-class displays is that they're too heavy to carry reasonably effortlessly from one location to another, and none of those on the market are that powerful to compensate adequately for the loss in portability. What you end up with is a distinctly half-assed solution which isn't a laptop and isn't a desktop.

    The biggest machine I have which is actually portable is a 17" Dell XPS M1730. For me this is the biggest DTR I'll ever be considering. For occasional moving I think an all-in-one desktop like the iMac is ideal. For anything else, I say stick to a 17" notebook.
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    Mar 28, 2007
    No caption?

    "Award winning design made in conjunction with Dell. 1 TB storage, ram upto 20 GB, and much more. We take ergonomic design and throw it out the window, please try not to do the same with our product."
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    One Nation Under Gordon
    Needs cup holder.
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    And cappuccino outlet. If it was a Powerbook G5 it would have been even more probable!

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