What is the difference between an iPod shuffle and the iPod shuffle V3?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by acilin, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. acilin, Nov 29, 2011
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    Nov 29, 2011
    I what to purchase an iPod shuffle, and I looked onto the argos website, and realised that there is two iPod shuffles. The normal iPod shuffle and an iPod shuffle V3. Does anyone know the difference between the two?Personalised Photo Gifts
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    What's argos?

    There's actually been 4 different versions of the shuffle.

    1G - long white stick, about 3" long with the standard 4-way clicker plus center button. Power switch doubled as the shuffle switch.

    2G - much much smaller shuffle with a metallic body, available in a rainbow of colors. Same switches as 1G. Another major change (followed through to 3G and 4G) was that USB connection was through the headphone jack. Also introduce the clip that's now in use for all shuffles and nanos.

    3G - changed to remove the physical control buttons from the shuffle and onto the headphones. Also, the shape changed to be thinner, but longer. I think the colors were dropped and only chrome and black-chrome were available.

    4G - went back to the 2G design, but reduced the size even more. Colors were brought back.

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    2nd gen was initially only available in silver upon its release (2007), but in early 2008 they released colors to match the bland colors of the 3rd gen nano. In the 2008 event they changed the colors to match the 4th gen nano.

    3rd gen was initially introduced as a mid-year refresh model in mid-2009 but it wasn't until the iPod event of 2009 that colors were introduced.

    4th gen is the one you see in stores now (2010-2011).

    The Shuffle "V3" sounds like a 3rd gen which is the model that has no buttons on the body, instead the buttons are on the wire of the headphones. They are not currently made anymore but they are available on the market still through 3rd parties. The only reason to get this model is:
    - If you want 4GB capacity as the 3rd gen is the only shuffle model that was released in this capacity.
    - If you don't mind using the stock buds since this ipod requires a remote on the ear buds, or if you are willing to pay ~$20 extra to get 3rd party hardware that allows you to use any head phones with the 3rd gen.

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