What is the difference with LED monitors?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by secretpact, Nov 19, 2008.

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    LED backlighting provides a much brighter, more vibrant picture and a much more even distribution of light. On top of that, it uses less power. Better still, black isn't as washed-out looking on an LED display as opposed to traditional CCFL backlit displays.

    And no, that monitor does NOT have LED backlighting.
    This one and this one do, and I believe they are the only two with LED backlighting on Newegg.
    And before you write off the Samsung as "overpriced", consider that its a 30" and has an IPS display panel, which means TRUE and ACCURATE 16.7+ million display colors. It's intended for professionals with strict color accuracy requirements, not consumers.

    But if you want a side by side comparison, walk into any apple store and compare the cinema displays yourself. The difference will be very clear.
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    yes it has LEDs for backlighting instead of fluorescent lights. this makes a display more energy efficient, lights up faster and colours show more vibrant.

    that display does not have a LED backlight. its fairly new technology and will be pricey. i think the Apple 24" LED display is the huge computer LCD display at an 'affordable' price. theres also the Samsung SyncMaster XL20.
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    LED doesn't degrade in terms of luminosity AFAIK. It's brighter, and thinner. It's very costly atm since it is very new technology.

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