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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Beanlok, May 22, 2009.

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    I finished my ged-ed at community college and am starting my major at uni this fall! They offer majors in graphic communications as well as graphic design. I've read descriptions of both and I'm leaning toward design, but am still wondering what's the difference? Also the Graphic Comm class seems to be its own program where as the Graphic Design is a sub of an Art Studio major. Any comments, suggestions, or opinions are greatly appreciated.
    -Thank You!
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    My understanding has always been (and I have a BFA in Graphic Design) that the design track is more art-centric, where as the comm courses are more of the business/marketing/advertising side of the graphics field.
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    Jan 21, 2009
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    Your prospective university should have online descriptions of each of its majors. If you had told us which university that you were considering, then we would have to visit its website to answer your question. Go to the website and read for yourself.
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    They can call it whatever they want. When I was in school they changed the name from Visual Communications to Multimedia Graphic Design. What matters is the description. They both might be essentially the same but one has classes where you learn exactly the same things but allows people to attain different degrees (like design classes with the same teachers and projects that are considered art classes), or communications might cover more things like video instead of just print and web. My guess is that one is a BAS degree and one is a BFA degree.
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    Agree that you've gotta check with your prospective school to ask about the difference. I am sure they've got some literature someplace and probably course schedules and descriptions to give you a better idea of what each is all about.

    That being said, at the college I went to the Graphic Communications program was more about the technical (production) end of graphics and printing and the Graphic Design was the creative (creation and concept) side. I went for the Design degree, though I ended up working in the technical end anyways. :) Toppa G's on here went to college with me and he went the Graphic Communications route, he might have some more insight into that side of things.

    To be even simpler. G-Comm students ran presses and production equipment, G-Des students painted and got critiqued on how good their art was. :)
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    Obviously I've done this.

    Thanks to all who shared there unique situations! I'd of thought this would be a good place to come to ask actual graduates there own experiences.
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    He did actually say he's read discriptions of both.
    Anywho, I'm in the UK but it's the same kind of situation I think. Where I went there was the choice of Visual Communication or Graphic Design. I did the latter which was more concept based wheras vis com was more marketing based. It's the subtle differences in modules that made them different - even though they were taught by the same staff and both courses shared several modules.

    Let us know what you choose :)


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