WHat is the easiest way to transfer data from A PC to MAC ?


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HI, i just bought MBP few days ago, and after few gruelling days with boot camp :p
| now it is ready to be use :p
i haven't move my data(music,documents,foto,etc) from my previous machine , a windows XP laptop.
What is the easiest way to do it ?
i can't burn dvds cause my previous laptop drive is some what spoiled.
please advice, thx.

btw can i use a lan to lan cable and connect the notebook to my MBP ?


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Mar 20, 2006
Hattiesburg, MS
I connected my imac and my Dell together using an ethernet cable. I was able to transfer music, pictures, etc. (after changing some file sharing settings on XP). I think there is an apple support document about this.


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Feb 28, 2006
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yeah, what i've done in the past is network the two of them together and setup file sharing between the two. it's relatively simple and you can find tutorials online. i'm at work right now so i don't have my bookmarks with me but with a little help from google, you can find it real easily.


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Aug 16, 2005
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Not that networking is particularly hard or anything, but there are other options in case networking doesn't work for any reason. (Bad or no NIC on the PC, ...)

If you have an iPod (or other external FAT32/NTFS formatted drive) you could use it to transfer files over from the PC to the Mac.

You could pull the hard drive from the PC and connect it to the Mac via a USB/Firewire cable or enclosure

Anyone ever try booting a Boot Camp Mac in target mode and hooking it up to a FireWire equipped PC? Can you see the Boot Camp partition?



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May 22, 2006
check out www.foldershare.com

they have a Mac and PC client and its free!

you create folders on both machines - install the client and (thru the web interface) - tell it to replicate the folders

nothing could be easier to share files (although USB drives and thumbdrives work well too) and replicate/update your data

I use a few different machines - (two pc desktops and a new macbook) - and having my data replicated between all three machines (automatically when ever they connect to the internet) - is a great way to work.