What is the Fastest External HD setup for 15" Macbook Pro?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by gman71882, Sep 29, 2006.

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    What would be the Quickest External Drive setup for a 15" Macbook Pro?
    This will be used for Video editing. (FCP, Imovie, After effects):

    External SATA2 HD with a Firewire 800 express card/34?
    External SATA2 HD with a eSATA express card/34 :confused:

    Some sites list the fw/800 transfer speed @ upto 800 mb/s while others list it as 80 mb/s
    sataII is supposed to be 3.0GB/s but ive found it listed as 300MB/s on some sites???? Who is correct?
    I can get a eSATA Express card from FirmteK

    lists speeds like this:
    USB2 = USB 2.0 port rated at 48MB/s
    1394a FW400 = FireWire 400 port rated at up to 40MB/s
    1394b FW800 = FireWire 800 port rated at up to 80MB/s
    SATA = SATA port rated at up to 150MB/s
    SATA2 = SATA II port rated at up to 300MB/s

    According to them Sata is the quickest: BUT does this speed transfer through with a eSATA expresscard adapter?
    Anyone with a good video editing setup with a Macbook Pro please let me know :D THANKS
    I posted this in the Video forum as well, I didnt know which would be a better place for this!
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    You might find this interesting. It deals with RAID, but you can deduce much about the technology.

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