What is the highest Gb/$ out there

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by xoggyux, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Hi, i know this is not precisely the best place to put this thread, however I will be needing it for my MBP and I always post here, also there I didnt find the a better place to place it. Anyway I''ll go straight to the point.
    I have a big cd/dvd collection 100-300dvds/cds. The thing it takes a lot of [physical] space (dvds+plastic cases+ wallets) and it really holding less than 1.5Tb in total. So I decided that it would be much more effective to get 2-3 large HDD and a docking station and have all my data in the HDDs. However I want to get a good deal, performance will not be a problem since I am assuming that any HDD in the market will be substantially faster than DVDs/CDs so dont consider performance when giving me an advice.
    The thing is that I want the best GB/$ possible it doesnt matter if its 5 x 400GB HDD or 1 X 2TB HDD (Im looking for about 2TB-3TB in total,) I do want however that each single HDD is larger than 200GB since otherwise i will end up with 10 HDDs ocupying a lot of space also.
    I have found HDDs that offers about 11Gb/$ (seagate 1.5TB barracuda) internal 3.5HDD, I dont care if the HDD is internal, external, 2.5/3.5 or 4200/5400/7200 rpm.
    Thanks for your help :D
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    Looks like a great HDD however its offering less than 10Gb/$, also it offers options that i dont need like eSATA/ and Raid, that would be OK with me (on the basis that more is better) if it were cheaper. In the other hand I dont like the styling, if anything i would go for the equivalent Seagate since I already own a FreeAgent and in my opinion it looks better aside the MBP.

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