What is the point of even 5G let alone paying for more if you can't ...

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    ... treat the cloud like a file system (i.e. hierachical folders) and can only access it through native apps? What happens it I want to store a .zip file on the cloud, a text file, an excel spreadsheet, a powerpoint presentation etc etc.

    Currently I am a happy camper with all my content stored locally and backed up to USB drives. However I would like:

    i) an offsite backup
    ii) syning accross devices
    iii) ability to access a very small subset of my data form anywhere

    I am trying to get my head around what iCloud really gives me. I think it really only gives me ii), and iii). I don't think the iCloud helps with i) at all.

    My conclusion is that nothing for now will give you all three, i.e. you need to combine iCloud with either iDisk (for a year) or DropBox to get all three.

    Have I missed something?
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    It does automatic mobile device backups if you choose, for your iPhone and iPad. But yeah, as far as I know it doesn't sync with Time Machine or anything like that quite yet.
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    Yeah, everyone is trying to get their head around this. I'm backing up in both iTunes and iCloud until I get more comfortable with it. http://www.apple.com/icloud has a ton of information. So much that it's a bit overwhelming.

    iCloud gives you:

    i): Your iDevice is backed up to the cloud and you can perform a complete restore (reimage not selective).

    ii). Your documents and more sync across your iDevices.

    I'm not aware of any way to do iii) and others have posted it isn't possible. I assume you mean grab a certain document from a pc/mac browser. It's a synchronization tool as opposed to a file cabinet.

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