What is the price-drop on older models like?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MacsAreBetter\, Jul 20, 2011.

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    According to this here post, the base MacBook Air will stay at 2GB RAM and a 64GB hard-drive. For my purposes, I just don't need a faster CPU! (I know its a rumour, but I'm honestly hoping for the worst)

    On websites like eBay, or local unsuspecting strangers, how much of a price drop will I be able to get?
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    As a general rule, Apple discounts their discontinued models somewhere in the 10-15% off range.

    But on my local CL, I'm seeing someone try to sell a 2010 13" ultimate for $1150.:eek:

    Some people were selling base 11's for roughly $750.

    That may or not stop or slow down if the specs are true.

    Best Buy has discounted their 10's a bit. Open box (recent returns) are 10% off and they're currently having a special with an extra 10% off on top of that.

    I recently scored an almost ultimate (no 1.6 cpu) 11" for $950, and I'm pleased as punch with it. Looking forward to putting lion on it tomorrow.

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