What is the quickest way to create Windows 7 64-bit VM's?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by TazExprez, Sep 23, 2011.

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    I am currently testing Parallels 7 and Fusion 4 and would like to know what is the quickest way to create Windows 7 64-bit VM's? Btw, I recently had a problem with a Windows 7 install on a PC and have to reinstall everything.

    I currently have two VM's, one for Parallels and one for Fusion. Both of these are based on the Boot Camp partition. If my Boot Camp partition gets messed up, I am guessing I am SOL, right?

    If I install from Windows 7 from an image, would my VM be independent from Boot Camp? Also, could I simply copy the Windows 7 image to my Macintosh HD and make multiple independent VM's? If one would crash and burn, I could just run another?

    Also, could I just make a bunch of copies of VM's?

    All of my VM's will only be used to run Internet Explorer and two plug-ins with USB drivers.

    I have not worked with VM's before, so please pardon the simple questions. Thanks for any help.
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    Once you build a vm, it's a vm... you can back up the vm file (vhd) wherever and import to either parallels or fusion. I have set clients up with both numerous times and have found parallels to be far more progressive and consequently better (opinion...). Fast VM build? Not really - when you do it, you're going through the entire mundane setup of windows no matter how you slice it.

    ...and just so I can say that I said it, installing windows on a mac is no different that having a standard PC - it can still get a virus, etc. and requires the updates and AV. I expect this to be known but again, I just wanted to say it...

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