what is the technology behind wifi synching for iTunes / iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by davelanger, Jan 20, 2014.

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    What I mean is, how does it work exactly? If I have songs that are not on iTunes (like live bootlegs for example) how does that get from my iTunes library to my iPod? Does the actual data actual go over the wifi network?

    Is that why it has to be on the same network?
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    If the music has been imported into your iTunes Library, you can sync it to your iPod - it doesn't matter if you use a USB cable or Wi-Fi. The data goes from your iTunes Library to your device.

    The technology is wireless LAN (local area network), the typical method of operating home and office Wi-Fi networks. You need to be on the same network because, as with any TCP/IP network, your computer connects to the router, your iPod/iPhone/iPad connects to the router, and the router connects the two devices.

    You could also use Home Sharing to play songs that are in your library (via Wi-Fi). Turn on Home Sharing in iTunes on the computer, sign into Home Sharing on your iOS device (Settings > Music, enter Apple ID and password) and as long as your iOS device and the computer are signed into the same Wi-Fi network, the shared library will appear in the Music app on your iOS device.
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    Thanks, that makes perfect sense and also makes sense why I can see my ituens library on my phone when its connected to wifi.
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    Be cautious of Wifi sync though. It has mostly worked flawlessly, but I have had a few corrupt syncs that left an 8GB Other and I had to resort it.
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    Ok thanks

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