What is this app? (apple remote/software related)

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    Jul 18, 2010
    I once went to someone's house where I saw them use an apple remote and some sort of remote app on their mac mini to do the following.

    Pressing the menu or play button on the remote would bring up some sort of root directory (which included several folders that clearly he had chosen to be in that directory - movies, tv shows, music) - NOT front row or any videos/music stored on his itunes/bought via itunes.

    These folders were on his mac mini and instead of bringing up front row and only itunes related music/movies, it would navigate through the list of folders (eg. TV Shows > 24 > Season 1) until it got to the episode, and then he could just click on the episode/movie/music file he wanted to watch/listen, which would bring up a list of programs to view/listen to the file with (VLC, Quicktime, etc etc). Once he'd chosen the program, the file would play on that program.

    All of this was done with the apple remote and his mac mini and obviously wasn't front row, but some different software/app with a completely different GUI. In fact, it was only a small transparent grey box that appeared in the middle of the desktop (not a proper window with the X,- and + buttons) and it disappeared once he had made the selection.

    Could anyone help me out with what app/software this was that this was done with?

    Many thanks!
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