What is this Win7 Refurb COA and can I use it on another computer?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by Kingcodez, Feb 16, 2014.

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    I bought a Lenovo x200 for a throw away computer to use with Ubuntu, and after messing around with putting in a SSD I noticed there were two Win 7 COA stickers. The first is a genuine COA, Win 7 Pro, Lenovo Singapore. The second is a brown Win 7 Pro for Refurb PCs, says OEM Software. There is no COA number, just a barcode with a short number, and some xxx-xxxxx number, both are similar to the Genuine COA sticker. I also have a Win 7 Pro 64 bit Refurb disc that came with the computer. Everything looks legit.

    I did some google-fu, but my question is can this item be used on a completely different random computer, and/or multiple times if I wanted to? I read something about the key being tied to the disc, or the key to the computer, etc., but no one asking my specific question.

    Also, if I go to a flea market and find a Win 7 COA sticker and buy it, is it a universal key in the sense that I could use it on a computer, or in Parallels for a VM/Bootcamp?

    Edit: Just noticed that the xxx-xxxxx keys on the stickers are not the same as the key printed on the holographic portion of the install DVD.
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    No. All OEM versions of Windows are tied to the original computer they were purchased for/with.

    You will need to purchase a retail copy of Windows to install it legally. No COA can be "transferred" unless you purchased the OEM copy new and assigned it to your hardware.

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