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Mar 28, 2016
Columbus, OH
I have an aluminum AW but I've been eyeing SS for a good year. Early last fall I stumbled on a 38mm SS w/leather band on the bb site for around $250 new. Stupid me didn't buy it and here I am almost 9 months later still looking. Stopped into BB today and they have an open box one in that configuration for $551.49! What the heck?! They had a S2 42mm SS with sport band for $1 more, lol! Is anyone familiar with BB's pricing strategies? Wondering if the price will go (way) back down or if there's suddenly a demand for S0 SS?!


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Jan 28, 2010
The Series 0 isn't made anymore and an open box price can be set to their liking.

When something is discontinued, the prices usually get wonky.
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Mar 12, 2011
Lansdale, PA, USA
Best Buy seems to bump prices up and down. Also, if you watch their deals sections (refurb and open box), it seems like once in a while they mis-price Series 2 as Gen 0 watches. I swear a couple weeks ago they had some of the Nike+ on sale for ~$269. I didn't grab one and now they are up to $300 and up again.

They also just ended a $75 dollar off sale on a lot of the Apple Watch models. Just have to keep watching and see what they do next.
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