What is up with fido?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by guccigucci88, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Okay heres my part rant... I switched from rogers to fido a while back since rogers is complete ripoff (yes i know fido is also under rogers) but I had used a nonsmartphone and kept a decent 35 dollar bill per month. When iphone became available with a plan I switched to the cheapest data plan. For the past 2 years fido has been adding extra charges every month about 70 dollars when honestly i don't even use my phone that much, mostly texting which is unlimited. I haven't made too big of adeal out of the extra tacked on charges for no reason even though I really should have (too lazy). I've about had it with them though because the last two months ive been in hong kong. As soon as I got here I took my sim card out and also turned off all data and everything (even though that parts unnesecary). STILL THEY CHARGE ME $99 CLAIMING I TALKED LONG DISTANCE AND TEXTED PICTURES! WOw I am so pissed off right now.. CAN Someone tell me how I should deal with this (I have previously tried arguing with rogers and it did absolutely no good). I REAlly don't want to FKKKKKNG pay for this bs! Also which company is actually somehwat trustworthy? How is bell? PLEASE HELP !!!

    Moral of story : DON"T GO WITH ROGERS/FIDO THEIR A BUNCH OF **************************!
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    Sure. Go ahead and try Bell/Telus. The big three and their subsidiaries (Rogers ->Fido, Bell -> Solo & Virgin, Telus -> Koodo) are all the same. You will get the same treatment from all sooner or later.

    Did you look at your statement and see what exactly are they charging for? Also why are you talking to rogers about it? Rogers won't cover Fido issues despite Fido being their child. You should call Fido CS and try talking to a supervisor etc about this.

    Also search for CCTS online and send them a complaint AFTER you have exhausted the above option.

    Good luck.

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