What Is V-Data? (PowerBook RAM)

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Jan 21, 2005
New Zealand
I was talking to a technician at my local Apple Reseller today about the new PowerBooks. I've got one on backorder and it's due sometime before the end of the week (yay!). Anyway, when I asked if he could install some RAM I'd bought, he asked if it had "V-Data" printed on it anywhere... I asked what difference "V-Data" makes and he told me that the 15" models require RAM with "V-Data" or the machine will crash on startup.

What disturbs me is that I've bought a 1GB stick of RAM from MacSales.com and, although it's guaranteed to work in a 1.67GHz 15", I'm still worried that I'm going to have to send it back - halfway around the world - to get it replaced. I've had a look through the anti-static bag and I can't see any mention of "V-Data"

So... this does anyone know anything about this mysterious "V-Data"? Should I be worried, or is this technician-guy pissed off 'cause I won't buy his overpriced Apple RAM?



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Oct 21, 2004
just bring it in. tell him to put it in so you can see your first mac crash at reboot. doesnt crash. walk out of store with 1.5gb ram pb
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