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What is your view on people posting private communications in SNS?


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Jul 23, 2007
I have seen an increasing number of people, especially Japanese university students, posting private communications (usually between a guy and a girl) via SNS on SNS for other to see. For example, a guy and a girl had private communications via FB/LINE. Then, one of them posted a screenshot of such communications to allow other members of the same student society to read and comment on to have fun. What is your view on this? Does this also happen in other countries?


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Jul 29, 2008
The Far Horizon
Has the consent of the second party to the conversation been secured in advance?

In other words, did the party - or person - who did not post this private conversation for public consumption agree with this being done?

If both parties consented to this, I suppose that my view is that I have nothing really to add, except that I do believe that the distinction and difference between the private space and sphere and the public space and sphere should be respected. Personally, I prefer that private conversations remain private.

However, if this was don unilaterally, - in other words, if one of the two individuals decided to upload the conversation without the prior agreement of the other, I would regard it as a gross breach of trust, a shameful lack of respect and a massive violation of privacy.

Jessica Lares

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Oct 31, 2009
Near Dallas, Texas, USA
SNS - Social Networking Service

People used to read out their text messages back when I was in high school, and sometimes the really nasty stuff mostly to alert the teachers of certain situations. But, you always knew around who you wouldn't read them, the certain people the person had problems with, and you didn't worry about stuff like that going beyond someone's living room.

But that kind of awareness doesn't apply to social networking, and that's the whole problem with those sites. You don't post something thinking about who you've friended - Like the other person's ex, the person who ridicules most things, their boss, etc, etc; and you invite the abuse because there IS a button to like, to share, and to comment.

In the US, it goes beyond sharing screenshots of a conversation. But the bigger problem is that a lot of people waste a lot of their time on these sites.
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