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Aug 8, 2010
hard to recall how long ago I started to notice problems with browsing sites. Some never loaded at all, some just parts of it.

both me and my wife on iPhones and iPads experienced the issue. I thought it was something with the router/dns but never found a solution.

then someone pointed me in the “try another browser” direction and I tested edge and everything works flawlessly. I would like to keep safari but I need to find a solution.

someone else came across this and found a solution? All units on 15.5, might not be connected to this but my feeling is that the problems started around updating to 15.5.


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Jun 14, 2009
Only thing I can advise is to go into Settings->Safari->Advanced->Experimental Features and scroll to the bottom and reset them. If that doesn't work, start toggling the settings one by one until the site loads.

Apple's been doing some major updates to webkit lately and that's caused some instability, at least for me too.
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