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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by flimzy, Feb 25, 2014.

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    I was browsing my history and I noticed that one of the entries said, "data:text/html,<script>window.close();</script>" Does anyone know what this is? I clicked on it and it was a blank page. I do remember being redirected to 'www.idwaneo.org" which apparently looked like some app site. I clicked on a link in that app site and all of a sudden mackeeper popped up or something. However in my history there is no history of mackeeper it only shows that idwaneo site and that data:text entry. Is this dangerous?
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    According to this site
    Idwaneo.org is a source site for Cydia downloads, apparently mostly games.
    If you go to one of the sites that offers opinions about threats on internet sites, Idwaneo.org is not considered a threatening site.
    However, I don't like when I see Mackeeper popups.
    I think that MacKeeper continues to have a poor reputation, and when I tried to load the Idwaneo.org site, I saw multiple re-directs, which always gives me a queazy feeling, with one showing in my history with the short script that you asked about. Looks like it's just designed to close a page that has just opened up, probably to draw your attention (which it was successful!)
    If you prowl around some of those kind of sites that support jail-break mobile devices, in various ways, then I think that link is probably just part of the that scene.
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    Thank you Delta
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