What kind of powermac is this? AGP?


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Nov 2, 2003
San Francisco, CA
Hey guys,

i've been using apple laptops for a while, but I'm new to the powermac scene. I got an old G4 powermac for free, and i'm in the market for a new PC. There's no way i'm going to pay for a G5 now when Apple is leaving the PPC architecture in the dust. However... I'm thinking that for 500 bucks or so, i'll buy a CPU upgrade for this old powermac, install os x, and live w/ it for a year or so until I can get an intel powermac...

All the Mac CPU upgrade sites have names for powermacs like "quicksilver" and "mirror drive door." What is the name for mine so I can get a CPU upgrade?

It is a blueish shade, but darker than the blue of the Powermac g3s. It has handles. I opened it up and it has a DVD drive, a motherboard w/ a passively cooled CPU, an AGP slot, 4 dimms, and some expansion slots. There is a 20gb Western Digital harddrive in there as well.

Under system profiler, it says I have a 450 mhz CPU.

Thanks ahead of time!!


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Apr 11, 2004
Definetley a sawtooth, but be weary of new graphics cards you get the AGP slot is only 2X so alot of cards wont work.You need to buy 2X AGP compatible cads.