What Macs are running iCloud?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by TyleRomeo, Apr 10, 2012.

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    Does anyone know what macs are running iCloud, iTunes Store and all those massive storage facilities in North Carolina? I'm assuming Macs are running them and I imagine they would have to be pretty powerful. So what macs could it be, mac mini server, xserve or mac pro server? I'd bet it is either an xserve or mac pro server. And now that the xserve is dead, that only leaves the Mac Pro. So if Apple is serious about killing off the Mac Pro what are they going to use to power their high end facilities?
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    The Mac Mini is very capable of running server duties on a large scale and they are much more energy efficient than a Mac Pro. While it does seem logical that Apple is using Macs in their new NC server centre, it could be anything. Even lots of Dell boxes running Windows Server 2008 R2.
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    Macs don't run iCloud. It's hosted on Windows Azure by Microsoft.

    (No really. That's not a joke.)

    Apple's data centers also use Sun and Linux servers.
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    That ^^^ They use a lot of HPs and are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. A lot of their backups/storage is sitting on Amazon.

    The iTunes store itself never even ran on Xserves; they used Suns. Apple has never used their own server hardware -- when they still made Xserves -- to power any of their services.

    I meant to say, they hook together 3 million Mac Minis and control everything from an iPad, obviously.
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    XServes were good mid end servers but never made good high end servers, sadly. Had a lot to do with OS X Server not holding up under strain.

    There was hope for a while that Apple would really push OS X Server and whip it into shape, but that died with Lion Server. Lion Server moved way backwards, if anything.
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