What makes the iPad Pro .... Professional?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by UBS28, Jul 19, 2017.

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    The only thing the iPad Pro's can do that the iPad Air 2 can't is the use of a pencil. So how does that make it a laptop replacement or a professional tablet in comparison to the iPad Air 2?

    The keyboard that I use for the iPad Air 2 is even better than the ASK from the iPad Pro, so it's even worse for typing.
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    Jun 13, 2016
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    No good will come of this thread and anyone who wants to sit here and list all the things that the Pro can do that the iPad Air 2 can't is engaging in a fool's errand. You can list every single feature the Pro has that other iPads don't and the OP (and a million other people) will tell you those things don't count because they're not really Pro features.

    Don't fall for this. Don't feed the trolls. Don't start this argument all over again. There are enough of these threads.
  5. Relentless Power, Jul 19, 2017
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    The user decides what makes the Pro beneficial to their work development or productivity. If you search through out the iPad forum, there are countless threads where members have discussed how the iPad Pro has easily made the transition into the professional world and replaced some users laptops. That says milestones to me and Apple's progression with the iPad.
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    For me - Auria Pro.

    It's amazing on the larger screen and no - an iPad Air absolutely can't run it as well (2 gb ram, screen size).
  7. AFEPPL, Jul 19, 2017
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    The price and name. What makes something "sporty" it's those pesky marketers again...
    What makes the rMB pro?

    My iPad Pro doesn't do anything faster of better than any other device. The screen refresh is nicer, some will mention 4 speakers, but I don't use them, pen support I don't use either.
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    Q: What makes the iPad Pro... Professional?
    A: The user.
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    I like that, its true. My iPad is just an iPad I don't Pro on it...
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    One word: You.
    Either you can't or won't make it professional. Not putting anyone down, but that's the truest answer possible. You can either figure out how to use a tool for professional uses, or decide that it can't be used for (your) professional uses. The whole question is subjective and generic answers are not helpful.

    What's more helpful is if people posted workflows / apps that make it professional for them which can guide others along the way (or ultimately decide that current tools aren't sufficient).
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    Sep 30, 2014
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    Let's get serious for a moment. Sure you can be pro on any device but in this case it's just a name change for marketing reasons. Pro replaced air as a newer version of the same tablet.
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    I think there is too much emphasis put on the name. I have a specific use case for the iPad Pro that no other iPad can do, and so that means, for me, it is an indispensable part of my workflow for my job. It could be called iPad Blue and that would still be the case. If I replaced workflow for my job, to making my hobby easier, this would still be important to me. It has features that separate it from the other iPads. Apple chose to call it Pro because that is what they have called their top of the line models for years.
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    Sep 27, 2013
    More pixels than a 15" MacBook Pro retina, 120 Hz refresh display with 600 nits peak brightness, HDR, and P3 colour. A10X that is on par CPU wise with 2017 spec MacBook Pro 13 inches, and some insane GPU horsepower, support for Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, 4GB to allow for software advantages such as multiple apps for pro use. Excilent quad speakers.

    Just to name a few.
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    Sep 26, 2014
    except for the 9.7 pro model
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    Back when the air 2 came out, there was plenty of talk about it being a laptop replacement. Here we are 3 years later and still hear same talk whether the new pros can replace a laptop.
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    Jun 19, 2011
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    Diving Capers

    Jun 10, 2017
    Disclaimer: I posted this previously in another thread, copy/pasting it here.


    Pro iPads do have significant differences when compared to the non Pro version.

    Screen size
    Refresh rate
    Stylus support
    Smart conector keyboard
    More ram
    More storage options
    True tone display
    Faster CPU and GPU

    Do these differences make it a Pro tablet... I think so (others may have a different opinion)

    Can it replace a laptop and/or desktop? Depending on what said laptop and/or desktop are used for.

    Can they be used for profesional work? Again this is dependent on what you do and if there are apps that allow you to do it.

    In my opinion, if someone wants to use only an iPad, it is totally possible. Some tasks will be better on the iPad and other tasks will probably be cumbersome.

    One thing I do believe is that anyone making the switch to an iPad only environment has to be prepared to accept some compromises.

    Initially I was against the idea of trying to be iPad only, however I'm in the process of buying a 12.9 Pro to see how it pans out.

    Worst case scenario is I go back to using a traditional computer and am left with an awesome tablet to consume media.


    I would also like to add that no amount of top shelf hardware and software coupled with "Pro" in the product name will make it a professional tool. As has been already said, it is the user who makes it "Pro"

    The iPad Pro is just an iPad with better specs than the non Pro version, this makes it a better tool for anyone wanting to use it for work. Pro doesn't mean that the non Pro IPad can't produce similar or in some cases identical results.

    My 2¢ (+ 2¢) from my re post. So that's 4¢.
  18. Act3 macrumors 68000

    Sep 26, 2014
    so since the 9.7 pro had 2 gig ram, no 120 hz and smaller size than the current 2 pro models, does it now make it semi-pro?
  19. seadragon, Jul 19, 2017
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    The award for best answer goes to.... sracer!

    Why? Because it is completely accurate. It's like asking what makes a camera professional. Same answer.
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    New word: "retroll", meaning repetitive trolling questioning pointless marketing destinctions. See "ipad is not a laptop replacement" posts.
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    Nov 17, 2011
    The 9.7 Pro was the first strep in the evolution of iPad becoming a compelling device from professional use. Unlike Microsoft that tried to do it as a "Big Bang" with Windows 10, Apple is taking an evolutionary approach.

    The lastest Pro models (and upcoming iOS 11) are steps in that journey.
  22. Diving Capers macrumors 6502

    Diving Capers

    Jun 10, 2017
    It makes it the previous model
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    You deserved to have the first post.

    I find it quite paradoxical that a "pro user" would choose an iPad Pro to be more professional when it's really the more amateur'ish choice compared to using a workstation with m/kb support and a more unrestricted operation system. Currently you have to design your work life around the iPad Pro to really take advantage of it. It should be the other way around.

    iOS11 will eventually make the iPad Pro more "pro". Until then it's just Apple marketing buzz to make it appear like a better value proposition than it actually is.
  24. throAU, Jul 20, 2017
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    Perth, Western Australia
    More RAM
    Far quicker CPU
    More storage
    Better cameras (so you can do things like take a photo of a sheet of paper and it be scanned in to use as a form). Previous model, crappy ipad cameras may not be high enough res for that to work properly.

    it's not just the pencil. Which is also a reason - i use it for sketching out network diagrams, meeting notes, maps, etc.

    The camera + scanning form thing for me is killer. I hate paper and i won't need to use a scanner or printer any more.

    Performance on ARkit is also going to be much better, and that is the Next Big Thing(TM).

    AR has massive implications for business in the coming years.
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    An ipad as a "pro" device doesn't mean it is the only device in your toolkit.

    I'm a network professional and i spend a hell of a lot of time with my iPad. It does not mean i have given up either my 64 GB i7 workstation at my desk, or my 32 GB home Xeon machine.

    For what i use my iPad Pro for, a lesser ipad without the pencil, smart keyboard or better camera would be very much inferior. For me (and i'm sure others), those higher end features make a real difference when used for actual work.
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    Like Apple's laptop line, the "pro" moniker is mostly a marketing vehicle to drive sales. Yet with that said the IPP offers a couple of benefits that the non-pro iPad doesn't. First it has more ram, so multitasking or demanding apps work more efficiently. Typically the iPad Pro offers a faster processor as well, and finally stylus support. The non-pro iPads still don't have this. That last feature really doesn't mean much to me (As a non-creatative user), but I like the fact that I can multitask some demanding apps, like office apps.

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