What MBP and MacBook are missing or has to be altered for the best.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ipo, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. ipo macrumors member

    Sep 6, 2007
    I see a lot of complaints going on , like " i want the blue disc added" or go ahead :apple: build me the 4-core laptop... etc etc. Now seriously!
    What hasn't been done well enough in those machines ?
    What do you expect :apple: to deliver ?

    I,for one, want the cooling system altered . I've seen the kind of "punishment" some laptop's screens take , because of cooling like that. Why , should the hot air flow leave the case at the back center ?? isn't there anything that can be done ?
    Why the MBP still have those DVI plugs ?? why not the mini dvi , just as the MacBooks do ?
    magnetic latches, bigger Multitouch Trackpad. colors .. etc ??
    Go ahead and write what YOU think! :)
  2. UltraNEO* macrumors 601


    Jun 16, 2007
    Hmm.. let me see... As a long standing Mac user I think Apple should
    re-introduce Media Bays in their MacBook Pros.

    This way users can change the HD, Optical Drives as they wish.
    Maybe some people would sooner have the option of two HD's instead? Or the option
    of using two batteries? Great on the go.. Imagine 9/10 hours of battery life!

    Also a couple of e-sata ports wouldn't go a miss...

    Did I miss anything? Oh, how about having eight cores!!
    That'll be cook! oops, i meant.. er.. Cool.. :D
    Modular graphic card...

    crap... that's what PC goons want...
    Nah, i'm happy with the mac as it is....
    though native Blu-Ray support would be nifty!
  3. markrivers macrumors 6502a


    Feb 9, 2008
    Valencia, California
    i want my MBP to:

    1. toast my bread in the morning.
    2. brew my coffee, wirelessly of course.
    3. connection to a 12 V car battery so i'll never run out of juice
    4. give me cash back everytime i say something good about APPLe in the forum
    5. love me back!

  4. HackBook macrumors member

    Nov 24, 2007
    Essex, UK
    In my views the MacBook Pro could definitely do with some eSATA ports, a Blu-Ray BTO Option would be nice, though not an essential. HDMI output would also be a nice addition to the HD-screen model. Magnetic latches are a must for me - I broke the normal latches off my old laptop, and was peeved at that. Above all that though, we need a redesign! As much as I like the MBP case design, it still looks like the 2003 Powerbook.

    UltraNEO, your media bay idea sounds good.

    I've always been under the impression that the MBP had the full sized DVI port so that the users could add an external monitor with no need for an adapter.
  5. anirban macrumors 6502a


    Jan 9, 2007
    Houston, TX
    NOOOO! I would definitely want the full sized DVI port on my MBP. Having a miniDVI port is just one hassle.
  6. MacBookJoePro macrumors regular

    Mar 10, 2006
    I wouldn't mind a mini-DVI plug in. I wish all theports would be on one side. How bout a Docking station? hehe. That would be super cool.

  7. ipo thread starter macrumors member

    Sep 6, 2007
    the DVI

    Correct me if i'm wrong but the MBP already comes with a dvi-vga adapter.
    Thus because most of the projectors out there are still indeed only vga-capable. :( so if you have just a vga monitor ..what ,you still need the adapter.
    Plugs will always be a hassle :)
  8. zerohp macrumors member

    Mar 6, 2008
    Mini-DVI does not have enough wires to support dual-link, which is required to drive a screen larger than 1920x1200 digitally. Thats why they have a full size DVI port.

    I would be very disappointed if the macbook pro didn't work with my 30" lcd.
  9. PDE macrumors 68020

    Nov 16, 2005
    I'd like a bigger focus on usability rather than just looks and power. For example:

    - either the viewing angle of the LCD has to improve OR the hinge needs to allow for the display to be pushed back further. Optimum viewing angles should require poor posture or any effort on the user - the computer should adapt to the user, not vice versa.

    - the trackpad button should be even easier to press to avoid strain on the sensitive tendons, muscles and ligaments of the hand.

    - Cooling system can be further improved, even though the latest penryn is quite good already.

    - rather than use pure aluminum, it would be nice if Apple could use something that doesn't dent or bend as easily - something that really withstand the daily use of a notebook computer on the road.

    - Easily removable/replaceable hard drive - like in the macbook or even easier.

    - A detachable keyboard connected through bluetooth for ergonomic positioning and usage.

    - magnet closure like the macbooks and MBAs

    - a form factor like the macbook air!
  10. iCeFuSiOn macrumors 6502a

    Jul 18, 2007
    Keep the aluminum look and feel but make it a bit more resistant to dents and scratches, they seem to be a problem for those who travel a lot.
  11. Sannekita macrumors regular


    Nov 4, 2007
    How about an extra Firewire and two extra USB ports!
    EDIT: using my computer and having this threat in mind I found out a bunch of other stuff I'd like :)
    It should give you your DVD or CD back whenever you want!
    when you enable caps lock it should let you type the numbers!
    A mediacard reader would be nice ( a lot of pc's have it and i think it really comes in handy when you for example only want to put one picture of your SDcard in your computer)
  12. AreanFSL macrumors 6502

    Feb 7, 2007
    I'm with this. Otherwise, everything is pretty much perfect. It seems like Laptop owners want there computer to perform act like a desktop... Desktops makes heat, and noise too!
  13. DaveF macrumors 6502a

    Aug 29, 2007
    I think my 15" MBP is excellent. But I'd like these options, in order of preference.

    * High resolution 15" Screen (1680 x 1050). This is the single biggest gap in the product line

    * User-upgradable hard-drive

    * I would tweak the case slightly. The front edge should be rolled and the seam moved out of the working area. The front corners are too sharp and can be uncomfortable against my wrists. And the gap between the top plate and the front plate is imperfect, and can grab arm hairs -- a painful thing to be sure.

    * More USB. (Do we need the PC Card slot?)

    * Blu-Ray option
  14. ipo thread starter macrumors member

    Sep 6, 2007
    no way !

    I didn't know this . If it's true , than , well yeah ,, end of me willing this change ! :)
  15. Loge macrumors 68030


    Jun 24, 2004
    I would certainly not want to lose the PC Card slot. You could use it to add some more USB ports. And it has other uses too; I like having the choice about how to expand my machine.

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