What method do I get this repaired?


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Sep 21, 2012
This is sort of joke thread and sort of serious. A client of mine several years ago drove a mile with her MacBook Pro 15 2012 on her roof. If fell and smashed on the pavement and the screen got ripped off. It was open and flew into a ditch.

Anyways there was a little bit of the screen left when it was found.

My client already purchased a replacement computer after looking along the road for a bit without finding it. It was about 25 feet from the road when located. Their backup was restored aside from a few files. Luckily for them they found the machine, I got the files that were not backed up restored and everything was great.

They had no desire to get the machine back and they even left me with a working 512GB SSD after I returned their updated files back to them.

After the job was done and the data was safe, I decided to power the thing up. I knew the SSD and OS were good as I put it into another 2012 retina. What did I have to loose? Anyways it powered up amazingly. This was 2 years ago and its been working perfectly well as my "tv computer" ever since. HDMI and thunderbolt port works fine as does the left USB.

So I was thinking geesh its still working. I will happily pay Tier 4 service to get it rebuilt. Last time my dad spilled OJ all over his MacBook it was $850. Do you think they'd still service it? I have a serial number and a totally working logic board.

So the question is, do I mail it in or show up at an apple store with a monitor to show it works, with some cosmetic issues..... Its 130 miles to an apple store however.

What do you think they'd do?



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Sep 21, 2012
You would have to make an appointment at the Apple Store. It would be fun to drive 2.5 hours to see the look on the tech guy's face.
Tho look on who ever helps me's face is what I'm looking forward to seeing.


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Feb 17, 2016
It's 90% salvageable.

All you need to do is to get a new top case and new display.

So that's ~$400 total.

Follow this instruction:

It should take you about 2 hours.
Not worth it.
Use it "as it is", for whatever you can get out of it.
$400 doesn't seem that bad.

It is going to cost WAY more than the machine is worth to have it repaired. Very cool that it still works though!
Well, I think the laptop is worth more than $400.
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Feb 10, 2014
London, UK
Definitely worth it in my opinion. Repair it yourself though or take it to a place that isn't Apple authorised. Apple might fix it but I suspect their rates wouldn't be quite to your liking. You sound like you know what you're doing though, so a new top case and new screen it is.

Certainly impressive though and even if you just use it as-is (headless) you've still got yourself a very decent machine there.