What Mountain Lion is Missing, my Apple to do list

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    Here's what I'd like Apple to do/implement, either in ML or in next year's version. It's what's really missing in my mind to make ML perfect. I'd like others to add in the features they would like, but I'll also ask people not to list/include deprecated features that it seems obvious Apple has no intention of reviving, like Rosetta support, X11 support, etc. Perhaps if we can get enough consensus, we could all submit this list to Apple in the hopes they take notice.

    (1) Fully functional/consistent iWork suite that syncs all features across iOS and OS X. 64 Bit update would be nice.

    (2) Better iCloud file management. If Apple really wants us to abandon the old file system, they need to allow more folders in folders since the current system is too limited and organizing projects is cumbersome.

    (3) iCloud interoperability. Many of my projects have many different file types and it would be nice to sync the entire folder to iCloud, and see all those projects in a folder from any app that I open with iCloud support. iCloud's file management should be "smart" listing all files types in a folder and automatically launching the app needed to open it, so that I don't have to rely on memory knowing that I have a "Project X" folder in multiple different Apps. Heck, if they are concerned about sandboxing, just call it my Work folder and make it so that any app that I may want to use needs permission to access the contents of that folder.

    (4) Better iCloud support for PDFs and Books. Preview should do everything iBooks does, and iBooks should do everything Preview does, and they should automatically sync/share their files to one another.

    (5) Finish Quick Time X. Add in all the remaining features that Quick Time 7 Pro does, and finally kill it off.

    (6) Airport Utility 6.x completed. Add all features in Airport Utility 5.6 into the new Airport Utility, and finally kill off the old utility.

    (7) Full-Screen Apps done right. Much has been said on this, so I think everyone already knows what would be needed to make this perfect.

    (8) Siri for OS X. Dictation is good, but hopefully Siri will be rolled out soon.

    (9) Wifi scanning. Our printers work through the Airport Extreme Base stations and Time Capsules, I don't see why our scanners shouldn't work and need to be plugged in through USB. Also make this accessible remotely. Yes that is likely to be used very rarely, but it could be nice to either print off something so it's ready when I get to my home/office to pick up, or if I forget something I can call a colleague or family member to put the sheet in the scanner while I do all the scanning and adjustments.

    (10) Journals for iPhoto on OS X so that we have a full Galleries replacement.

    (11) Sync Safari or system Keychains in iCloud so that we have a replacement of the feature that was in MobileMe.

    (12) Sync other user settings like desktop and dock to iCloud so that if we work on another system, we can log into our Apple ID and have the account work exactly as if we were on our computer, picking up where we left off.

    (13) Merge Apple IDs.

    That's all I can think of right now for my "wish list" or to do list. But I've heard other say they wanted the following, and I can't see much of an objection if this would be helpful.

    (14) Better memory management.

    (15) New file system, like ZFS or the like, that has better protection against potential file corruption.

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