What multifunction or all-in-one works best with Macs?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Dejola, May 2, 2008.

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    I've been asked to buy and install a multifunction/all-in-one device for a 90 year old man (who is quite bright and capable) who uses a Mac notebook. I'm not sure yet if its an iBook, a Macbook, or what. Its about a year and a half old. I'm not sure, but suspect that he is osing OS X 10.3 or 10.4.

    I've been doing some research on the net and looking closely at the HP C7280 and the Canon MP530. Reading reviews I find that there are problems reported with both. The HP software seems to be a pain for some, and on the Canon side there seems to be a design flaw such that if one ink cartridge malfunctions you are dead in the water and the machine is useless until you replace the defective cartridge.

    I'm looking for a machine that provides great photo output and one that has fax capabilities. Those are my main concerns. Wireless, duplex printing, and auto document feed are also good to have.

    But the main thing is the machine has to be user friendly and play nice with OS X.

    Are there any such machines out there that I should consider. Looking to spend up to $200?

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    I have a previous generation of the Canon, the MP500. Sure, running out of ink is a bit of a pain, but Canon ink is very reasonably priced. You just need to make sure you always have replacements. I buy new ink whenever I put the last of a given color into the printer.

    The software isn't great, but it's fairly easy to use. I'm guessing the guy would be doing more copying and printing than scanning, so the software becomes a non-issue.
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