What option would you take mac mini with eGPU or iMac?


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Jan 3, 2020
Although I currently do not have the money, but thinking ahead.
I currently have a Mac Mini i5 2018 8GB 256GB SSD and the performance meets my expectations but I wish only one more thing and is to be able to play CS GO y League of Legends in the same way I do on the PC (1440p @ 144hz very high) this way you could completely replace the PC.
And I have these possibilities:
  • Buy an eGPU, considering that in Argentina it is not for sale and should be imported, the cost would be approx 400 USD (without GPU) although I have an RX 580 8GB on the PC. The price would be for the Razer Core X and an average, I do not know if there is another eGPU more recommended and cheaper.
  • Sell the Mac Mini and with an expense of 200, 300 USD (approximately) go for an iMac 2015 5K model with M380 / 390 Radeon or a 2017 4K model with at least Radeon Pro 555.
Several things to consider:
  • I'm not interested in how much the iMac occupies with respect to the Mac Mini, I don't have aesthetic requirements.
  • I know that with the iMacs it would go back in terms of processor power but I think it would be fast as well.
  • The size of the ram is not a parameter to consider.
  • In no way would I go for an iMac with an HDD or Fusion Drive.
  • The iMacs put would obviously be used and they are for the models that I would choose.
While the choice would not be taken immediately, I wanted to hear opinions.