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Jan 18, 2019
Would you say that this is the best one?
What are the strengths of each forum?


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Jul 8, 2011
I use iMore and MacRumors. iMore more on the phone side of things. MacRumors for overall Apple products and updates. Each are best for what they do.

Erehy Dobon

Feb 16, 2018
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I've been reading various Mac/Apple sites for nearly twenty years and I haven't encountered another Apple-specific site that has as much forum discussion as MacRumors.

That doesn't make MacRumors a better discussion site, it just means there are more comments to read -- some of which are nonsensical blathering or utter falsehoods.

There are several sites that I only read (I don't comment) because the overall quality of the technical discussion is pretty high. Naturally there are some sites where the signal-to-noise ratio is extremely low.

Let's say I do that antiquated behavior of using an Internet search engine to find answers to a technical question and I get a bunch of results: Stack Exchange, Reddit, Quora, Macworld, Yahoo Answers, HowToGeek, and others. I'd be inclined to look at 2-3 of these sites before perusing the others based on historical track records of technical wisdom.

One thing I avoid is doing technical research at YouTube. A carefully written and edited article with numerous screenshots and well-formatted step-by-step instructions is likely to be more accurate than some vlogger spouting off randomly about his/her "theory" in a 3-minute screamfest.

If that written article happens to include a complementary video, that's fine.
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Jul 18, 2010
Wish that MacSurfer hadn't gone belly up. Getting a nice long, organized list of major Apple news from around the web was great!

Any substitutes for that?!


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Jul 29, 2013
MacRumors and Mac-Forums.

If I want a wide variety of opinions - MacRumors. I have come to recognize who knows what is what when I have an issue with a Mac. Also if there is a problem with recent updates you will hear about it fast on Macrumors. Lots more beta users and people who update quickly means more info!

Mac-forums - when I have a serious issue I post there for fast and helpful information that is most likely going to be right. Mac-Forums recently update their forum software - very nice. They tend to be a smaller group with very active and knowledgeable admins and moderators that will jump in and offer help quickly.


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Feb 19, 2008
The Finger Lakes Region
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