What PB accessories and image editing program?

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    Ok, so I'm on week three with my lovely new PB and still going strong. I need to invest in some accessories and most importantly a new image editing program. Paint Shop Pro doesn't come on a Mac, so I need some help.

    I spent about $1750 on my PB and accessories right now (with tax) so that's pretty much all my funds now. But I should be receiving about $150 soon and then I will be working all summer, so that will raise a lot fast. Here is what I'm looking at:

    Apple 20” Aluminum Cinema display -$699
    1 GB stick of RAM (datamem.com) - $155
    RadTech ScreenSavRZ - $16.95
    RadTech Glove Sleeve - $29.95
    Griffin Powermate - $45

    I also need an image editing program -- and a good one, but no more than $250. So Photoshop's out of the question. I will using this to work on graphic design on my web site (graphics will be modified photos, with text, etc. not vectors). I need some advanced features on it, but I can't afford Photoshop; how's Elements? Any suggestions welcome!

    I am also considering selling my HP backback as it is really too big for my 12" and buying a booqbag (and maybe the Viper sleeve instead of RadTech).

    Any suggestions for other accessories and programs would be appreciated! Thanks.
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    So far, I have been very impressed with Elements. It doesn't do 48 bit color or CYMK space, but I don't think that will impact website graphics. ;) It doesn't do paths, which I guess could sometimes be useful, but I haven't had need to use them. The biggest thing so far that it doesn't do as well as PS/CS is scripting. As a result, so far, there is sadly no support for Automator in PSE, that I have seen. We'll have to see if that changes.

    But on FredMiranda, people seem to trade tips on photo editing almost completely interchangeably between PS/CS and PSE -- I have almost never seen anyone suggest something and get back the "oh, you can't do that in PSE" there. So for photo-editing in an artistic sense, I think PSE is very good. :)

    Plus, you know, you can get it for <$40 so you might as well give it a shot before you drop real money. I'd think if you had to sell it, you'd be able to get a lot of that $40 back.
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    Jan 6, 2004
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    Or Graphic Convertor although I've never really taken to it.

    I'd go with mrishnan's suggestion or look at second hand copies of Photoshop or FireWorks. You should be able to get good deals on Photoshop CS now that CS2 has been released.

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