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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by Ay_Zimmy, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Let's look at the track history..

    iPhone 1 was the initial release.. Then the iOS 2.x came out, with the iPhone 3G and app store, pretty big step. Then 3.x version for the 3GS only pretty much brought Copy and paste MMS and I think landscape. MMS could have been said to all been with the phone from the beginning. Smaller step, plus the hardware upgrades. Then 4.x was FaceTime multitasking and folders. 5.x brought the 4S with Siri and iMessages, big software step.

    Now following that path, they have created the iOS 6, bringing in the maps with Yelp integration, making Siri better, FaceBook integration, a lot of iCloud additions. New Phone capabilities, FaceTime over cellular network. Looking at the past, this is a pretty solid update to the software. Which syncs with their new laptop line coming out. I think Apple has gotten so popular that people are expecting crazy things from them every time, but they are following their own path, they don't care when the most hype is etc. The way they have run things so far has made them successful. We just wish it was following Steve Jobs path and sticking with the summer release. Especially since there are a lot of iPhone 4 users, like myself who decided to wait for the one after the 4S.

    If we saw an iPhone today, we would have thought the software was amazing. But we have to remember the iOS caters to a lot of the iPhone's success, and why would they show the iPhone and pause all sales on the iPhone 4S. I'm sure we will see it fall time where it would make more sense for them. Also Tim Cook is very corporate like, so getting all those language packages was key for them making progress and dominating the chinese market. Hopefully we hear rumors about another keynote soon.
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    the new iPhone this fall will bring even more features to iOS 6.

    just chill man.
    everything is gonna be alright :cool:

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