What phone to get?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ZebraineZ, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Ok so as of June we have tons of options.

    My mother has a 3G that luckily got upgrade eligibility for the 4.

    I got a 3GS in March of 2010, so I guess I will get upgrade eligibility if AT&T does a 6 month early thing like this year next year for the 5g or either the 6g (time flies fast...).

    Now we have the money but I am just really cautious since there are so many good phones that this month ATT will have the iPhone 4, Sprint has the Evo, Verizon has the Incredible and Tmobile has the Nexus.

    They all have their perks and drawbacks which is why I am pretty cautious as to just wait it out for the next 2 years, for both of us or let my mom get the 4 because she really wants one and can sell her 3G and get the 4, which seems like a pretty good deal but I just want to make the purchase worth it you know.

    Now in another scenario, in 6 months it could be different since there would be another big flock of delicious sexy android phones that could just blow the iPhone and the ones they have now out of the water, which if she ends up getting the iPhone 4 or even if we end up choosing an Android device there could be some remorse either way, technology moves so fast it's just crazy...

    So, being an Apple forum I would expect the iPhone to get more votes per say, but I like to even my purchase out with every factor, and we've already owned both Android and Apple devices so we both know what either of them can do jailbreaking/rooting ect ect and the usual life span of each phone or when a new one comes out.

    Thanks :)!
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    I think everyone here except the trolls will tell you iPhone.

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