What Prefs control Multiple Monitors/ Wakeup from Sleep?

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by choreo, Feb 19, 2014.

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    Until last November I had been running a Mac Pro 2008 w/Mountain Lion installed. I also had 3 NEC Monitors connected (two to an ATI 5770 card and the remaining monitor connected to whatever ATI card came installed from Apple).

    I was used to the desktop icons swapping positions on the right and left monitors every other restart (like the OS remembered the locations of all the desktop icons on each monitor, but just would get confused as to which monitor they should appear on. Every other startup (usually) they would swap sides, but half the time after a restart they would appear on the correct monitor (as prior to choosing restart). No big deal, just a nuisance. Also when I would drag an attachment out of Mail on to the center (main) monitor it would ALWAYS copy it to the right monitor (a slightly bigger nuisance). Other than those two behaviors, everything else was fine (i.e. Adobe CC Apps would remember their saved workspaces on the proper monitors, etc.)

    Then came November 2013 and I purchased a new 2012 MacPro 6-core 5,1. Moved everything over from the old MacPro (Still running Mountain Lion on the new machine) and everything still worked the same (only other difference was that now my same 3 monitors are connected to two ATI 5770 cards).

    Then I upgraded to Mavericks in January and the real problems started (with my multiple monitor set-up). It has been driving me nuts! Now the right and left monitors switch desktop icon positions EVERY restart (nuisance, but livable). Dragging attachments from Mail to any monitor works perfectly now? The real problem is that certain applications like Dragthing and more importantly ALL my Adobe CC Apps move all the palettes in the saved Workspaces all over the place after the monitors go to sleep. I have my Displays set to sleep after 15 minutes (computer & HDs never sleep). Upon "waking" from sleep all the Adobe (and some other) palettes either jump to the main/center monitor or jump mostly off screen far right. Choosing "Reset XYZ Workspace" from each Adobe app manually does restore everything to the proper locations - so the Adobe software DOES remember which monitor everything belongs on. Also if I restart the computer (without it going into sleep mode first) - all the Adobe apps reopen fine. So, I am guessing that "Sleep" itself is maybe not the real culprit, but rather the "Wake Up" function?

    I have tried deleting the Finder Prefs, reinstalling both Mavericks and Adobe CC apps - problem still persists. Since my Dragthing palette ALWAYS jumps from the right monitor to the center monitor after displays go to sleep, this is not just an Adobe software issue.

    As long as the displays never sleep, all is fine.

    BTW - ALL the checkboxes in Mission Control are deselected

    Any ideas?
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    I think with 10.8 they've moved some display settings to nvram. You could also try the 'darkwake' kernel flag.

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