What products/features you want from your devices


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Sep 29, 2010
Nottingham, UK
Ive read quite a lot of apple bashing on here recently, some granted, however I want to know what you guys, as consumers, want product wise of feature wise from apple.

Theres lots of talk of an iTV and and iWatch and I want to know your thoughts?

Im a big user of Apple products, MacBooks, Mac Mini, iPads, iPhones etc etc… and for me right now everything works, yes theres improvements I want and ill list them in a min.


Is this needed? I own a big Samsung LED 55” which I have a mac mini and a drobo connected to, I use plex to play all my tv and film (files are MKV) which I open up by clicking on the remote. Now I practically use this mac mini only as a HTPC, granted it’s an expensive solution but at £1600 for the two, could an iTV have all the functionality I already have?

Theres talk of 4K being implemented but A) is there any point yet? Hardly any compatible devices or media out there and B) COST!!!

My biggest bug bear along with many I feel is the lack of apps on the existing apple tv, I wish there was a plex app available on non jail broken devices, instead I have to use plex on my ios devices then use airplay to send it to my tv. Why do I need to do this extra step!!!


I like the concept of this, but ive been hearing things about bio metrics etc etc… is this necessary? It’s a watch! It needs to tell the time!!! Yes id like it to do a few things, I think it syncing up to your iphone and alerting you to incoming calls/messages/other notifications would be handy, specially if your phone is on silent… but apart from that what else? GPS inbuilt would be a great idea, when not hooked up to your phone and going for a run, it being able to trace your route with like Nike + would be good, I hate running with my phone! Maybe a bit of flash data 64GB to have like a playlist on? Connect to some wireless headphones?

iPad/iPad mini

So I think here again im with everyone’s general opinion, smaller, thinner etc… in all honesty I have no massive bug bears, yes mini to get a retina screen needs to happen! What I would like though is the ability, built into ios to use the iphone as a controller for gaming! I would love to buy games like sonic, lego batman etc but think its silly using the pad itself as a controller so refuse to buy these games! Also if graphics were improved, as to PS3/xbox… then I would be more then willing to buy the game for my ipad then a console as I could take it anywhere I was, and have the ability to output it to a tv for full screen gaming!


Again, for the iPhone I don know what revolutionary featured people want?! A finger print scanner for unlocking the phone or the payments would be amazing however would need input from banks! Something I do like is the S beam feature… I would love to be able to send information to a friend just by tapping the phone, I get that music couldn’t be shared due to copyright but own taken pics/vids, contact data etc etc would be brilliant!


Personally I love my 2008 Macbook, does everything I want it to do, Id love it to have a touchscreen, however think that is wishfull thinking.

What are your thoughts and opinions?


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Aug 9, 2009
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Jessica Lares

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Oct 31, 2009
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I want them to make a 10" MacBook Folio. A machine that has a blend of OS X and iOS.

The touchscreen wouldn't work unless you were using an iPad app, which would automatically be in fullscreen. But you could still swipe and go to something windowed like iTunes and you'd still have the Finder.