What RAM to buy for my MINI?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by kelvinyjt, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. kelvinyjt macrumors newbie

    Apr 9, 2005
    Hi everyone. Total newbie here. Sold off my frustrating PC and still glad i did. Was just wondering wat kind of RAM to get for my mac mini. Any recommendations? I've check on the internet and it seems like its using PC-2700 (333 mhz i think) rams. Isit possible for me to buy faster rams like PC-3200s as it is more widely available. I'm also kinda worried about changing the rams myself. I downloaded a PDF file with detailed intructions on how to open the mini. Anyone here tried changing the ram in the mini? Thanks
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    Congrats on the switch!

    I buy my RAM from a few select places depending on the price.





    All have PC2700 in stock and ready to ship for your Mac Mini. I would get nothing less than 512MB. If you can afford a 1GB DIMM then go for it.

    As for opening the Mac Mini up, well its not really that hard. The case is held in with a bunch of clips. Use a wide putty knife (or something else wide and kinda flexible) to SLOWLY but GENTLY undo the clips. Take your time, follow the directions you have, and you should create no damage to your Mac Mini.

    Hope this helps! Congrats again! Take your time getting into the case.

    While you're in there, look around and see whats in there. Its not everyday that you're gonna pop open the case. Be sure to ground yourself. RAM is a very weak piece when it comes to static shocks.
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    Congratulations on your upgrade.

    PC3200 RAM works fine in the Mini - as long as it is Mac Mini compatible RAM. Buy from a reputable dealer who guarantees Mini compatibility and you'll be fine. Don't roll the dice on PC Generic RAM just to save $10. In the USA I like http://www.datamem.com

    Good advice from mklos - although I am always surprised at the amount of pull you have to exert on the putty knives to pop the plastic barbs. It helps to sharpen the leading edge of the putty knives to help them work into the very narrow gap between the aluminum and the plastic. I also use 2 or 3 putty knives, 2 broad and one narrow one to help things along.

  4. kelvinyjt thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 9, 2005
    Much appreciated guys.. cheers

    i think i'll go for pc3200 then. About opening the case.. i just hope i dun screw it up :D

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