What RAM works for my MBP?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by sabre364, Aug 18, 2008.

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    Jun 23, 2008
    Alright I went through the mac - intel based ram guide, but got a question or two.

    I have a brand new MBP, I forget the exact specs but its got 2 gb ram (I'd assume 2x1gb from the factory). I'll get it back tomorrow from the CIT department because they messed up installing some of the software we need from school :rolleyes: .

    Now what way do I check to make sure its manufactured after say April 08? I assume it is, but just want to make sure as I am about to go out and buy DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) memory.

    There is a very good deal on OCZ 2x2gb set here on newegg. I have always been happy with OCZ memory, have used them a lot on my windows boxes. However, one of the 'reviewers' comments that it didn't work on his Penryn MB. I assume I have this same family of processor?


    Why wouldn't it work? ANybody tried this particular type of memory?

    Crucial.com is telling me to get PC2 5300 according to their selector...but they do have PC2 6400 2x2gb kits available on newegg though its more expensive than the OCZ I posted about.

    Also, according to some of the reviews on these ddr2 800 units, they won't run at 800, only 667mhz on some of our computers? Are these people wrong?
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    one of the reviews said it does not work with penryn mbp. so youmight have some problems.

    oh i see why. it is ddr 800. you need ddr 667
    (edit i should read you post fully before responding)
    the mac memory is only ddr 667. even though the front side bus is 800

    i dont think those down clock. but i would go with something that people already have success with

    try these


    if you want crucial

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    Date of manufacture of a MacBook Pro is immaterial -- all MacBook Pros use 667 RAM. (That is clear in the Guide, is it not?)

    800 MHz RAM has a history of failing in MacBook Pros. Particularly, OCZ has been cited several times as being problematic.
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    I bought my ram with specs according to an apple support page. all mac ram is 667mhz. So PC5300 is suitable, which is what i purchased, upgrading my dual 512mb ram sticks to dual 2Gb. Kingston has good ram also, and the price is relatively cheap, 4GB for around 70-80 dollars.

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