What Router Should I Buy?


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Oct 26, 2011
So, I'm looking to pick up a new router-- currently using a CompUSA branded b/g router thats getting towards the end of its life. Right now, we've got my Macbook Pro, Ipad 2, and iPhone 4. Plus an HP wireless printer and my dad's Windows VISTA machine. This router will come with me when I get married (and then will be 2 MBPs, 2 ipads, and 2 iphones + wireless printing). Should I get an Airport Extreme, or some other router? Is it worth the $150 for a Airport Extreme refurb or should I get one of the dual band routers that sell in the $100 range (like Belkin or Cisco)?



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Oct 26, 2008


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Dec 13, 2009
what are you going to be using the router for?

if it is just for plain internet surfing on said devices and you have an internet speed of less than about 20Mbit/s then any cheap router would be fine.

but if you are going to be streaming files around the network want to be hard wired and have a guest network for guests (ie hammer the network for every last Mbit) then you will want/need a gigabit dual band beast.

as for brands I've had flawless experiences and would recommend netgear and d-link, I once had a belkin router and I will never buy another one it was that bad. but I would buy a linksys as I've heard favourable things about their routers.


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Feb 13, 2011
I was very dissatisfied with the latest airport extreme base station (I returned it) because its range performance was worse than my 7 year old Netgear WGR614v6 ($40) and it does not support UPnP. I'd suggest taking a look at this video. I would not recommend the Netgear model in the video either, as it had issues with my PS3 and range, so I returned it too.



I'm highly considering getting the ASUS Black Diamond Dual Band Wireless-N 600 Router (RT-N56U). Anyone have anything good or bad to say about this one?