What should Apple's new product line be

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by mikezmac, Dec 10, 2016.

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    It's basic economics that you don't want to put all of your Apples into one basket. Right now Apple has one big basket called the iPhone.

    In my opinion the computers have taken a backseat to the iPhone. The iPod is pretty much going to go the way of the dodo bird. Apple has officially cut off their Airport Time Capsule.
    So now what's left is the Apple Watch tvOS and Apple Music. Is this enough to sustain the company? Yes they'll survive, but is it enough to stay on top?

    Mobile phones and the smartphone market is pretty well saturated now. You can go OLED, more ram, more storage, other features such as retinal. But all in all it's still a saturated market with everyone's fingers in the till. I'd be very surprised if there's anything revolutionary coming out anytime soon.

    Personally I think that AI will be the next big thing and that Google is on the right track. Being able to talk to the phone and get things accomplished is the next big thing. For example this entire post was written using Siri dictation. (Hence you may actually see some errors :) )

    I think that Apple breaking into the 'smart home' market would be extremely advantageous for them. Right now there's a few big names in it but not everyone.

    One technology out there that I think Apple would greatly benefit from taking advantage of right now is Graphene. This is a two dimensional carbon that is 1000 times more conductive than copper and is 100 times stronger than the strongest steel.
    The uses for graphing are great number and increasing. Optical electronics, ultrafiltration, biological engineering, composite metals, and most importantly energy storage.
    The current drawback for graphing is mass production and I think that Apple has the smarts in order to get this accomplished. Imagine a battery that could last a week or longer on one charge.

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    Apple is already struggling to maintain their current product lines...
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    Higher end specs in the Mac Mini I think would entice more people to convert from Windows.

    The specs are just blah and makes the NUC look like a power house which it is by comparison.

    I'd love a quad core mini so I could do video encoding plus use my own display (ultra wide 34").

    Nothing fancy, no exotic materials, just focus on the basics.
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    I keep saying I wished Apple would get into home helper robots.

    My baby boomer generation is aging, and we're going to need all the assistance we can get.

    We have the need, and we have the money. Perfect market.
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    I'd like that!

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