What Should Apple's Subscription Music Service Offer?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by MICHAELSD, May 5, 2015.

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    Well, I am between streaming services right now and anxiously awaiting to see what Apple does with Beats Music.

    My wish list is:

    Lossless quality. Yes, I put this in bold because I hear the difference between the iTunes Store's 256kb AAC and Tidal's 1400+kbps lossless offering. Even if I can only hear it on my V-Moda M-100, it is there and if I am listening to music I would prefer the highest quality possible. Otherwise, I'm hoping Tidal disrupts the industry by bundling hi-fi into its $9.99 offering.

    Curated recommendations. Beats Music is very good at recommending albums and playlists based on prior listening history, but no one service does this perfectly or recommends enough non-mainstream artists. This could be a game changer if done right.

    Priced at $9.99 or less. All of the above, plus perhaps the largest streaming library in industry, for $9.99 or less. I would be perfectly happy if they retain Beats Music's $99.99 option for a year.

    Along with hopefully the best interface in the industry, that's really all I need to sign up that I wouldn't already expect to be standard for a streaming service. What would be the necessities for your subscription?
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    And make it as good as Spotify at least. Been using it ever since they allowed UK accounts (about 2009ish) and if Apple can't get up to the standard they're at in 2015, there is simply no hope. I don't want to see another repeat of that garbage that is iTunes Radio.
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    I should image make it available like spotify does...

    in addition, if not already, stream it to iOS, but excluding the recommendation stuff that Beats would do, or at least, or at least let uses control weather the recommendation and personalization should be on, or off. :cool:

    That to me, would be the biggest thing :) Ya,and better than spotify....

    For hevens sake, get some dance music at least... Spotify only has a handful.... and not even that great...

    Give us all the Central station Wild FM volumes streamed i would say yes....
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