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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by joepunk, Jan 31, 2006.

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    I am going to be in Europe for about two weeks doing the Pajama tour bus trip. Now, I don't quite know if I will be purchasing a digital camera for the trip but, if I do decide to purchase what would be a good choice:

    Option 1: purchase a P&S such as a Cannon A610 and I would still take my film camera (a Nikon EM)

    Option 2: purchase a Nikon D50 (I already have lenses that will work)

    Option 3: or purchase both

    And for the kicker, would using an iPod be a good method of storing the digital photos? I figure possibly a couple of 1GB cards would be plenty.

    Just to give an idea of the amount of photos that might be taken I have been to Mexico City for a week and between my father and I we shot up to 30 rolls of film.
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    First of all what lenses do you have for the Nikon D50?

    Then it all comes down to making a choice between size and image quality. I think there will be little doubt that the Nikon D50 will produce excellent image even in low light situations, while the P&S will produce good images in good light and struggle to produce good images in low light. However the nice thing about the P&S is that it is compact and easy to carrier around, so I guess it depends on what you are willing to carry around.

    If it was me I would get the Nikon D50 it will produce the best results for the money and will also last the longer than any P&S.

    As for transferring to the iPod I have no experience you might try www.dpreview.com in the Mac forums to see if any one has personal experience with the D50 and transferring files.

    Have a good time I am jealous I wish I could afford a trip to Europe.
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    The lenses are 35-70mm Nikkor AF; 70-210mm Nikkor AF; 70-300mm Nikkor AF. I know they will work as I went to the local camera shop and asked.

    Basically the P&S camera will be just for that, pointing and shooting for those unexpected moments on the bus, eating, or whenever and when I don't want to dig out the larger lenses. My other travel companions will have their little film cameras as well as my father will be using his Nikon FM.

    Thanks for the advice Emerson
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    For transfer to the ipod there are two methods:
    1. Belkin card reader: You can swap out you cards and transfer on-the-go
    2. Apple Camera connector: Have to link up your camera and transfer photos

    I recommend the first method, quicker and doesn't tie up your camera while you are transfering photos

    Secondly my recommendation is go with the D50. Nikon just recently (Friday) lowered the price of the the D50 with 18-50 lens kit to a street price of 699. Some places on the net you can find it for less than that. You will need at least a 18 with a digital camera because it already has a 1.5 zoom built in because of the cropped sensor size. Your old lenses will work but they will be really zoomed. :)

    Also you can pick up a quick p&s anywhere for quick shots. If you are also getting the D50, I would recommend one that uses SD cards so you can use your memory interchangeably.

    Hope this helps.
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    a profane existence
    Thanks for the suggestions

    Really! that's great to know about. I was originally thinking of purchasing just the body and a separate different lens later on.

    Had that one figured out long ago ;) no Sony, Fuji, etc for me thank you.
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    30 rolls a week is about 170 images per day. That is about my shooting rate when I'm doing underwater photogrphy with scuba. Sometimes it's limited by the strobe's recycle rate. I take a LOT less if it's just family snapshots. with a 6 megapixel camera in RAW mode you'll fill those 1GB cards in well under a day. If you do JPG they are last a couple days per card.

    The best thig would be to take a notebook computer with a cd burnner built in. If you do decide to use an iPod to store the images make sure the camera connector can work with your camera. The list of cameras it can be used with is limited to a short list. Also see if the iPod can store RAW format images. My guess it that it can't. I don't trust keeping the only one copy of the photos. I'd want two iPods at least but I'd prefer as tack of CDs and another copy on the hard drive

    Now that I have a digital camera my only uses for film are to do things digital can't do. these are (1) velvia transparenies. and (2) large format with swings and tilts

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