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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by PegM4, Jan 17, 2012.

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    Apr 30, 2011
    I am in the process of transferring all my daughters old videos to DVDs. I digitized all her old Sony tapes and have them transferred to my Mac. Now I only have 65GB free on my 1TB drive. I therefore want to delete all I can after I burn each video to DVD. My problem is I don't know where all the files are that were involved in creating the movie with iMovie then burning it with iDVD. Is this information available someplace or can someone tell me what I can get rid of to give me back my HD space? Would appreciate any help I can get.

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    can you give some advice on how you did this. I am in the process of converting all my videos as well, using Roxio VHS to DVD, and I feel like its just not cutting it quality wise. Plus, once captures each VHS takes up about 6 gb in MPEG2 format. Not really that great IMO.

    On my hard drive though, I assume that I will end up with the raw mpeg2 capture, and once converted and ready to burn a video_ts folder. Thats really all I intend on keeping.
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    Not really sure I can help you. I am a total novice at all this. I just kept searching online for each step. I played the tapes through a TV connected to a DVD burner. I then used my PC with ****** Video Converter to convert them to dv files. This was the recommended format on a forum I read as I was searching. After that, I transferred them to my Mac and used iMovie to edit them. I then burned several to RW-DVDs until I found the best settings to use in what iMovie calls "Share" for some strange reason. I did find that Sharing from iMovie straight to iDVD isn't good. Just didn't have the quality. They still aren't perfect, but my children seem to be happy with them.

    For some reason the video converter I used shows * instead of what I typed. Must be something to do with this site's rules.

    Good luck.

    I hope something in this helps you out.
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    Sep 9, 2010
  5. Dave Braine macrumors 68040

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    To use iMovie you will have imported your converted videos into iMovie as Events. Just delete these Events, and that will delete the files that are in the iMovie Events folder. Then just delete the original DV clips that you bought across to your Mac from the PC.

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