What should I do :(? Bad apple experience

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by seeforyourself, Dec 1, 2014.

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    Dec 1, 2014
    Hi I own a Macbook Pro (late 2011 15" 2.4 ghz I7 quad core)

    BACKGROUND: ( sorry its long but it shows the whole conflict before what I am gonna ask!)

    Since I first owned it I noticed that my display hinge was more to the left than the right and would creak every time I opened and shut my screen. I didn't really take too much notice because it was always on my desk and I practically used it as a desktop since I would play games. Since a month ago I started bringing my macbook pro to college because I have to do a lot of essays. I always put it in a protected cushioned sleeve incase I drop it (The laptop was $2400 so of course i'm going to baby it LOL!)

    Then one day I decided to wipe the outside with a little bit damp white vinegar on a paper towel. I then put the macbook pro on the side and noticed that my hinge was a tiny bit cracked on the corner. I was speechless because I NEVER dropped my macbook pro or bumped it and etc. I made an appointment with the apple store PLUS called apple care to ask if it is covered because I NEVER dropped it. The person on the phone said it should be covered since it is a minor crack and the exterior is in mint condition.

    I brought it to the apple store and by that time the crack turned into a tiny 1mm chip with a crack that is about to extend more. The woman told me that it would not be covered under warranty since it is physically damaged (which is stupid because for an 'impact' to hit the hinge would make it hit the corner of the display first) and there are NO marks on the aluminum. I then mentioned it could be from maybe heat since I would game which uses a lot of CPU and GPU which heats up the laptop and maybe the combination of the hinge being out of aligned and heat made it crack and she said that the plastic can handle a lot of heat (I guess apple's plastic hinge is magical?) She told me that it would be only 10$ to replace the hinge and I then rolled my eyes and said ok. I told her that I want them to make sure when they put the hinge on, they should align it so that I wont have this problem in the future and she said that they do it automatically. She told me it was going to a very quick repair.

    A week later they told me to come in to get the laptop. It is black Friday so it is VERY busy! I then come in and the woman rushed in and gave me the laptop and told me to examine the macbook pro to make sure they fixed it right. As I examined she took my credit card and charged me (Shows how much in a rush they were in) and then I noticed while examining that my hinge was STILL out of alignment. I asked them if they can make a note and she said that she put it in their system.

    When I was leaving I noticed on my way to the car I noticed two screws sticking out a little bit. I knew that they would not have time to tighten them so I just thought i would do it at home. As I got home I opened my laptop and noticed a creaking noise AGAIN (I didn't hear it because it was very loud from all the people in it!) I then noticed that the hinge felt funny when opening and closing it and a bit of friction. I wiggled the screen and noticed that the left side was loose and moved around and make a cracking noise!!! Also I noticed that the friction is from the bottom corner of the display was rubbing against the bottom aluminum when opening and shutting. The person who put this on was obviously carelessly in a hurry.

    This is where the issue is :(

    I have MANY essays since it is at the end of the semester!!!!! I can't afford another week without my laptop! I have NO other computer at my house!!!! I can't even use the ones at school because they are all filled with students and i need to wait till someone gets up and have to fight with someone else who is waiting for a computer!

    Is there ANY way I can get apple can give me a loaner laptop as this gets fixed???!!! I am literally going to get an anxiety attack because I can NOT bring this macbook pro to school in the condition it is in (The hinge is going to break off again and if it does I can drop the laptop!!! I know that bestbuy does it with cellphones but I don't know if Apple can do such a thing with desperate college students!!!!

    What do I do?!!!! I expected this laptop to last me through 4 years of college for the price I payed for it!!!!!!!! My next appointment is Monday but I don't think I will get my macbook pro back for a while since Cyber monday!!!! What do I do?!!! !!!!
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    Oct 14, 2005
    Apple doesn't send its technicians out on the sales floor to sell stuff, so the sales floor being busy with Cyber Monday (does Apple even participate in that?) shouldn't have any effect on how long repairs take.

    At the Apple Store I worked at for a few years, they didn't have loaners. Don't know if this has changed.

    If I were you, my next step would be to call the store and speak to a manager. They have the power to take your notebook back and put it at the front of the line of the repair queue.
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    Nov 3, 2011
    Either keep laptop until you have time to be without it or find an alternative computer.

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