What should I do with my MacBook now?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by adamlbiscuit, Nov 10, 2010.

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    I was browsing the web with my MacBook today, and Safari locked up when loading a webpage. Eventually, everything locked up from the finder to the menu bar. I left it for a while to think about it, but it was a no go. I turned the MacBook off at the button and I rebooted, only to be graced by the flashing question Mark folder.

    I tried to reinstall the OS, but when it got to the part where it scans for a HD to install to, it couldn't find a thing. Neither could disk utility.

    So I take it the HD is dead? Up until it's final moments it ran super fast, and everything worked and ran perfectly. I didn't get the usual symptoms.

    I was saving up for a new MacBook Pro anyway, but I need a laptop ASAP for working on-the-go. Is there anyway I could maybe sell the MacBook in it's current condition to help me with the costs of a new laptop, or should I maybe invest in a new HD?
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    New hard drives can be had for under $100 and can be installed yourself. The fastest way to get things up and running again would be to buy a new HD or buy a new machine and sell your broken one later.

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