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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Charles153, Jun 25, 2010.

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    After five days of purchasing from Hong Kong, I brought my MacBook back home in Thailand in which problems started to occur; the Airport failed to perform with the intensive heat problem caused kernel panic, so I decided to ship it back to Hong Kong a week later.
    Once I got my MacBook back, the company claimed that there was no problems occurred since they could not identify any errors on the laptop. However, they were willingly to add more RAM from 2GB to 4 GB for me free of charge. The laptop seemed to perform well after its software has been updated to the latest Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.3). About a year later, the airport problem had once again returned with the same heat problem occurred a year earlier. I’ve noticed that this error usually showed up every time the heat went up; the notification usually poped up stated that an Airport card has not been installed in the system profiler.
    Additionally, Mac OS X Snow Leopard installation made the MacBook even worse since I had ordered that software (the original version) from the Apple Online Store. I replaced my old hard disk with a new one (Fresh Installation). My built-in camera has started to automatically switch on from its boot sequence; the green light was always on. Moreover, the screen also started to display incorrect color. (See the attached photo). Both internal and external screens have been impacted in the same manner. After all, the heat and the fan started to get even worse with only one Flash video from YouTube opened in Safari (both version 4 & 5), the heat went up crazily then the kernel panic happened.
    Another important concern is that the Superdrive ‘s noise when reading or writing was louder than its usual, It started to create invalid discs over the past six months; over ten discs failed to complete. The latest problem that occurred is that it’s skipping to the lead-out sequence right away.
    Besides, its battery that comes along with the original purchase is defected from the manufacturing process.
    Remark: 2days ago (14 June 2010) technician contacted me asking about the CRACK on the case for a permission to replace it with a new one
    Remark: over the past 6 months, status of the power adapter (orange & green light) dim itself to the state that can’t tell whether it is charging or not

    What should i do? repair or replacement
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    Wow, sounds like a complete failure. Not sure what would cause it other than physical damage of some sort. I would recommend contacting the seller and demand a complete replacement at least a complete refund. Terribly sorry for the mishap :(
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