What should I get for my mom?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by G5Unit, Sep 30, 2005.

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    Apr 3, 2005
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    OK. My dad and I are getting my mom a mac mini. But how can we be assured that we are getting the updated ones? Also, since I do not want my 19 inch proview, would it work pretty good with the updated graphics card in the mini? Apparently there will be emac updates in late october but we have like 4 inches space for a monitor. We might also get a Plasma 42inch for the living room and would it be better if we just plugged the mini into there and used it to watch movies and go on the internet with a BT mouse and keyboard from the couch? I might also buy a PowerMac g4 for my sis who is 17. She wanted our old compaq but I said NO! Because if that thing crashes when she's writing a paper that won't be good. So where can I get the best deals on PowerMac G4's? Minimum a Quicksilver model with minimum a 1ghz single or duel. I have to figure this all out along with school, my job, and trying to get apple to give me a powermac cause I have the bugged 1.8ghz model.(Which I need tips on to get them to give in) Plus trying to get a 24 inch dell monitor.

    I had a thread like this before but this one asks other stuff.

    -Your help is appreciated, G5Unit
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    its completely random... even the employees dont know.

    this is a way for apple to get rid of old stock without having to distribute it among the stores evenly so it all goes at the same time.

    pre-emptive stike to the whiners out there: if you get a 1.25 or 1.4 ghz mac mini, you got what you paid for, not less. if you get a 1.33 or a 1.5, you were lucky enough to get a free upgrade. dont bitch.
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    If you want to get the upgraded version of the mini i would just wait a month or so and pull the trigger on one. i don't think the mini has any problems with your 19 inch monitor it's capable of driving the 23inch apple display if not even the 30inch with use of dvi out.

    but then on the other hand it would be the sweet if you would hook it up to that big plasma screen and use it as a media center.

    good luck with your purchase i'm pretty sure you will enjoy it (even if its for your mom and sister)
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    Mar 9, 2005
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    Except in this game of luck, you are a winner regardless of what fate sends your way! :)
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    The MacMini cannot power the 30" Display. Only a few select Macs can handle that display as it needs a Dual Link DVI port. I would just get one. Even the now considered "old" models would be more than enough for the typical user. I seriously doubt that with an "old" model you'll notice a difference in speed. The 19" flat will run great on it. Just get one now...
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    Aug 23, 2004

    thanks for the clarification. (i didn't know for sure if it could power the 30inch).
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    Oct 20, 2002
    When it comes to the Mac mini, I would just wait until the official announcement by Apple. Then there will be no doubts.

    With regards to the Power Mac G4 you could contact me for a suggestion on that.

    Sounds as though your family will be very happy with their new Mac's.

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